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Pet Turkey's Loyalty to Her Mom Couldn't Be Any Cuter

They say dogs are the most loyal pets. Well that's most likely because very few people have had a pet turkey. Not just barn animals, turkeys are very loving to their owners. As can be seen in one video on TikTok, where a woman showed off her very affectionate pet. 

It's not everyday that you see a turkey hanging poolside. But that's what makes Tina the turkey one of a kind! Her owner Kelsey (@kelseyguttingdesigns) is always showing off Tina's sassy personality on her page. But there's a real loving side to Tina too. In the video, Kelsey is clearly hanging out in her pool. "Everybody makes fun of me for having a pet turkey, but this girl is sitting here waiting for me to get out of the pool eating bees. Literally snatching bees out of the air and eating them for me," she said from off-camera. And yep, there was Tina right by her mama's side.

"When your pet turkey is more loyal than half your friends and all three of your dogs," she wrote in the video's onscreen text.

Kelsey's video has since been watched over 460,000 times and she really gave people something to think about. "So you're telling me I need to go get turkeys now? Okay," @kyranikole92 wrote. "Turkeys are truly the best," @partimehomebody praised. "My turkeys protect our chicken flock. They start screeching any time a bird or prey is nearby. Love it," @sunny_scales added. "Absolutely the best pets!! I had one growing up and he was the sweetest thing in the world!" @just_tiffani chimed in. 

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But one commenter said what we're all thinking: "I need Tina in my life," @danielledesiree wrote.

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