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Kind People Evacuate Pets From Florida Rescue Impacted by 'Ian' in Video That's Touching Hearts

So many animals are in need after Hurricane Ian. And now an animal rescue in West Palm Beach, Florida is sharing their efforts to save some of the animals that needed the most help. It's just so heartbreaking to see how much these animals have been displaced.

The staff at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue (@peggyadamsarl) have been working tirelessly to bring these animals to safety. The sheer amount of animals in need is breathtaking.

"Peggy Adams is on the ground in Ft. Meyers, Florida evacuating pets impacted by Hurricane Ian," the video's onscreen caption reads. "Gulf Coast Humane Society lost part of its roof and has since been without power since the storm," it states. So the Peggy Adams staff came to the rescue and relocated the animals to their location. 

So many people online were touched by these hardworking staffers. "Thank you for rescuing these babies you are all a true blessing," @carolrichards11 wrote. "Thank you for all you do sending hugs and loves for these beautiful fur babies," @lizwilliams053 praised. "I know y'all are exhausted, Bless your hearts for enduring for these frightened fur babies," @serendipitous_event added. "Thank you guys so much! I’m praying for all those sweet babies!" @helenm8956 exclaimed.

If you're looking for a way to support Peggy Adams and their work, donations can be made via their website.

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