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PetSmart Employee's Desperate Attempt to Get Hamster Back Is Going Viral

A woman on TikTok is talking about the one that got away in a now-viral video. And by the one that got away, we of course mean the hamster that she almost brought home with her, but missed her chance. The PetSmart employee was just about to bring the little guy home when a customer bought it. And now she's doing her darnedest to get the hamster back. 

The heartfelt video was shared on TikTok creator @juulietcapulet's page — it's clear that she and the hamster had totally bonded. "If you got him from the Wilsonville PetSmart on 8/17 I will pay you $300 on god please I miss him," the video's text overlay reads. "I had to wait a week for his setup to come in and y'all got him an hour before I got there," she added. "I held and kissed him every shift I’m begging. There’s a really sweet Syrian [hamster] in the back I could even buy for y’all," the caption read. 

With over 3 million views, people on the internet were touched by the woman's plea. "As someone who works at a pet store - I understand the pain of losing an animal you bonded with to a customer," @sliceoflifebryce wrote in the comments section. "This same thing happened to me with a kitten. I went to go adopt him and someone beat me by a minute. I cried in Petco," @x0x0_rachel chimed in. "Good luck on getting reunited with your friend!" @theromanempire101 added. 

This story has a happy ending. In a second video the TikToker shared that she was unable to find the hamster of her dreams. But at a different PetSmart she did find another hamster to adopt.

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