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Family's Visit to 'Pig Cafe' in Japan Is an Experience Like No Other

Pigs are one of the most underrated animals. They have a reputation for rolling in mud and being dirty, but these farm animals are adorable if you really pay attention! One place in Japan is capitalizing on their cuteness by offering the opportunity to pay to play with baby pigs!

TikTok user @jewjewcouture recently shared her experience visiting a "pig cafe" in Japan, where patrons are allowed to play with a whole drove of piglets! This is a similar concept to "cat cafes" which have been on the rise in popularity across the globe. Check out the video to see how this piggy play time went and marvel at the cuteness!

Aww these little piglets are adorable! We can totally understand the appeal of a pig cafe and hope to visit one day ourselves. This woman had such an awesome experience to have with her family, we're totally jealous!

People in the comments are loving these little pigs. @krysmarie2369 said, "I would stay here for hours LOL," and @jude.a.sylum commented, "I’d have a hard time not going home with one." We would probably try to smuggle one out of the cafe to take home with us!

Others viewed this as a wakeup call about where their food comes from. @nowihavebraces commented, "I hope more people remember that the animals they enjoy eating are also sweet, intelligent, living beings that don't want to die." Another user, @itsrosegoldrose, said, "I’m never eating bacon again!" We will definitely be passing on the pork after watching this video.

We love how popular these types of cafes are becoming now! This is like a form of pet rental where you can spend time with an adorable animal without having to shoulder the responsibility of adoption. Whoever came up with this idea needs an award!

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