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Story of Pig Sisters Being Adopted Together Has Us in Our Feelings

TikTok user @juliajardo has brought us a real tear-jerker story this week. It's a good kind of tear though. So yes, you may need some tissues for this story, but we promise you that it will warm your heart. It may even inspire you!

Last week, this TikToker and her family decided to adopt an adorable little pig. They later found out the pig's sister wasn't getting adopted. She was going to be all alone so they knew they needed to step in. And well, the result will put you right into your feelings.

AW! We're head over heels for this beautiful story! The two cute pig sisters get to be with each other forever. And you can just see how happy they are being back together again. It doesn't get any better than that! "Many blessings piggies," wrote @koyoguitar. We're wishing you a happy, healthy life together. 

"Omg I'm crying. I'm so happy for them!!!!" said @melanymcarthur. Safe to say everyone is crying over this happy story! If we were in this TikToker's shoes, we would've felt so guilty if the one sister never got adopted. So hats off to them for reuniting them! 

Another TikTok user, @LisaStrait2005 commented, "Great ending…..or beginning." It's definitely a great beginning in our eyes! They have a new home with very loving parents. There's so much room for them to run around and play. We truly can't wait to hear more of their story together! 


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