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Video of Savvy Pigeon Hitching Ride on an Airplane Wing Is Going Viral

Everyone loves a good shortcut that makes our lives easier. Maybe it's a cooking hack for chopping vegetables or it's a simple cleaning tip for washing rugs. One animal came up with its own savvy hack for getting free transportation in this viral video.

TikTok user recently shared a video that her father recorded of a pigeon sitting on the wing of an airplane. In the video, the plane starts to move forward as it prepares for takeoff, and the bird does not move at first. Check out the video to see how this bird fared with its hitch-hiking!

OMG, that pigeon got swept away as the plane picked up speed! We admire its problem solving efforts and can see why the bird thought this would work. Hopefully it landed on its feet or caught a gust of wind to fly away!

People in the comments found this video too good. @nickthegoalie_1 said, "I could watch this on repeat all day," and @cathbird47 commented, "I can't stop laughing, haha." Between the way the pigeon slid off the wing and the laugh in the background, we are in stitches!

Others made jokes about the bird's unceremonious tumble from the wing of the plane. @mikenoon6 commented, "He is not in the mood to do extra work. LOL!" and @chedurena said, "This guy wanted a cheap flight." We wish the pigeon had been able to hang on for the whole flight!

There's so many great aspects of this short video, it's no wonder it's going viral! We just hope this pigeon remembered he could fly to its destination instead of having to hitch a ride!

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