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Rescue Piglet and Goat’s Sweet Friendship Is Giving People All the Feels

Are you ready for your daily awww? Well, look no further than a rescue piglet and baby goat who have become good friends. The two were even caught having a snuggle in a new video that was shared online. Now people are smitten with this unlikely pair.

Both Sebastian (that's the piglet) and Julien (that's the goat) were rescued by Friendly Fields Farm, a nonprofit in Waynesville, North Carolina. But despite coming from vastly different circumstances, these two have formed a real bond. "I caught them this afternoon taking this cute little nap together," their caretaker Alexa (@alexabmurray) explained in the voiceover.  "These two are both so strong and so brave, they've been through a lot and have a lot in common," she continued, before adding that it made her happy to see them "thriving" together. 

Obviously, it's not everyday that a pig and a goat become friends. So the comments section was all abuzz about their relationship. "Best thing I’ve seen today!" @stanleyjackson23 wrote. "They’re gonna start a band together," @joannaramma teased. "Omg.. what a pair of cuties," @chi2613 gushed. "Oh my gosh they are so freaking adorable," @prettybrowneyes455 praised.

Later in the thread, Alexa explained that Julien's front leg was injured during birth, "tearing all the nerves in his shoulder. He was in a lot of pain, so vets recommended amputation," she added. And in a later video, Alexa explained that Julien has become "a whole new goat" since his surgery. "He's happy and full of life," she said. 

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