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Mom's Failed Attempt to 'Drag' Pit Bull Home From Grandma's Is Hilarious

Who remembers being a kid and going to a friend's house for a playdate? You'd be having so much fun that when you're parents came to pick you up, you'd start crying. How could time be up? You wanted to stay for another few hours so you'd beg to sleep over. Ring any bells? 

We think it's safe to say we've all done this at one point in our lives. And believe it or not, some dogs experience this too. TikTok user @lynswa captured a similar situation with her Pit Bull. The video shows her dog on the bed with grandma. She came into the room to get her dog and go home, but her Pit Bull had other ideas. LOL! 

Aww! He really, reallllly didn't want to go so he just laid back down as if that would make his mom go away. LOL! We've definitely tried that before. Worth a shot!

"Dog: Nana tell your daughter to get out," said @elenaverges1. He didn't even want to tell her himself because he knew mom wouldn't say yet. That's why he left it up to Nana! @MooChunk added, "He's looking at you like, 'Well bye now.'" He needed to go back to quality snuggle time with grandma. LOL!  

@user028067800 wrote, "Grandparents have special powers over grandchildren and fur babies." Ain't that the truth! A grandparent's bond with their grandchildren and fur babies is unlike anything else, which is why we totally get this Pit Bull not wanting to leave. 


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