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Pit Bull's Reaction to Finding Abandoned Kittens Is Touching Everyone's Hearts

Dogs are known for sniffing out all kinds of treasures while out on a walk, but TikTok is losing it over what this sweet Pittie found. It wasn't a piece of food like most pups would steal, or even another dog. Shay the certified Good Girl had found a pair of abandoned kittens while out and about with her mom. As you can imagine, they're just the sweetest things!

In true stigma-crushing fashion, Shay's mama Montana--who goes by @mlbandmlb on TikTok--used the sweet video to remind viewers of the Pit Bull breed's naturally loving nature. The video's sarcastic text reads, "My big, scary, aggressive pit bull found these abandoned kittens," but, much to no one's surprise, Shay's reaction is the least scary thing we've ever seen. Honestly, it's adorable!

Good girl, Shay! Not only did she lead her mom right to the kittens, but she watched over them with such care, too. No wonder viewers are loving her!

"[S]he’s so proud of what he found," @michaelgiangiuli4 wrote. Isn't she? The pup knew that these kittens needed help, and, like the sweetheart she is, jumped right into action. 

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It's odd, though, just how many comments refer to Shay as a male. We suppose that's the other generalization that happens with "aggressive"-looking dogs! She might be a big meatball, but she's still a pretty Pittie princess--and we adore her!

So does @missyjean01, who said, "awww🥰 [s]he says mama can we keeps them?" It totally reminds us of a kid who wants something! Speaking of keeping them, Montana did take in the babies before finding their official owner. She says that if they ever return, though, she and Shay are going to have two new kittens settling in.

By the looks of these fast friends, let's just say we really hope they come back! 

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