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Pit Bull With Cancer Takes Her First and Last Trip to the Beach and We Can't Stop Crying

Most pet owners would agree that when it comes to your animal there are no limits to the things you would do for them. Especially towards the end of their lives. We are totally in tears over one video on TikTok, which shows one woman taking her Pit Bull to the ocean for both the first — and last — time. Yup, we're definitely crying.

The Pittie mama (@lifewithpitbullstx) from Uvalde, Texas wanted to send her good girl Lola off in style, so she took her to the one place she'd never been before. "POV: your dog has cancer and you drove 3+ hours so she can experience the beach for the first and last time," the video's text overlay reads. The way Lola looks out into the ocean has us absolutely melting. 

"I loved Lola her whole life...and ill miss her for the rest of mine," the video's caption reads. 

So many people wrote in after watching the heartbreaking video. "I’m so sorry. Know that she was loved and you’ll see her again," @hbromley22 wrote. "She was truly loved cherish those moments you had they were beautiful she lived her best life with you," @sandrabotellocano added. "I’m glad you all shared such a beautiful memory together. Looks like it was a very good day. Hugs to you," @misterrogersmom commented. "I'm sure she was very thankful for the trip just to be with you," @sbr2a explained. 

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Sadly, @lifewithpitbullstx later shared in the comments that Lola passed on July 25, 2022. "This was on her last day," she wrote. 

"My advise is take them to the beach when you think you have more time until you don’t.." she added. 

"We miss her so so much," she wrote.

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