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Pit Bull’s Sweet Reaction to Feeling Mom’s Baby-to-Be Kick Is So Moving

Welcoming a new baby is a huge adjustment for everyone in the family, including pets. Though each animal reacts differently to the changes around the house (and in Mom), this sweet Pit Bull had one heartwarming reaction. Luckily, her mama Ana got it on film, too. 

Pet parent and mother-to-be @annnnnaaaa93x showed this sweet clip of her pup lying across her stomach as they snuggled on the couch. When the four-legged big sis feels the baby kick, her curiosity and gentle nature kick right in. It’s the sweetest thing – just look what she does! 

Clearly, big sister duty has started already, and this adorable puppers is up for the task. The initial look of wonder on her face is just precious, but when she starts licking Mom's belly? We can't even! When this baby arrives, they're going to have one loyal best friend.

Commenters can't get enough of this pooch's cuddles with her unborn sibling; they're convinced she knows what's going on. "100 percent she knows," wrote @mistymydog65, who gets bragging rights for the most liked comment. 

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"[Y]eah they know when mom is pregnant they get protective of you and cuddle the belly and listen too. my dog use to do that," @sdjf added. Even the original poster responded, "I can’t get her to stay anywhere she follows me all over the house sleeps with me lol she’s all up in my bubble it’s like if it was her pup in me 😂❤️." That's just too cute! Might get annoying for Mom, though...

But it’s cute for us! We second @jeff4867 who said, “You must post more once the baby has arrived.” Hopefully, that’s obvious now that the video’s gone viral. We need more, Ana!

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