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Pit Bull Throws a Diva-Like Fit When Mom Refuses to Do His Nails

A dog demanding to be pampered by his owner is proof why spoiling your pet is never a good thing. All Victoria, a TikTok creator from Philadelphia, PA, wanted was to polish her nails in peace. The problem? Her American Bully Thor wouldn't leave her alone until she gave him a little nail action too. 

The video starts with Victoria (@toritini2) trying to file her nails — trying being the operative word. Pretty much right as she takes the nail file to her hand, Thor starts whining. “Bubba, I’m trying to paint my nails,” she told him in the footage. But Thor wasn’t having it. Check out what he did in protest of mom not doing his nails before her own!

LOL! Total diva. People who watched the video couldn’t get over Thor’s demanding behavior. “It’s the foot stomp at the very beginning for me,” @iheartlisax10 wrote. “He looked at the camera like ‘you see this ish?’” @ellesee1 joked. “Omg! He wants to be pretty too,” @lisa_bestlife added. “Ma’am. That’s a velociraptor,” @skeeter.mcgavin_ teased.

As Victoria explained in a previous video on her page, she started doing Thor’s nails after he saw her using a nail file and thought she was hurting herself. “I introduced him to the nail file so he was okay with me filing my nails,” she explained. “But now he keeps pushing his paw into me because he wants his nails filed.”

"Are you kidding me?" she continued, before breaking out into laughter. So she sort of only has herself to blame. Or as she herself wrote in the first video's onscreen text: "I've created a monster,"