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Video of Pit Bull Falling in Love With Mom's Foster Puppies Is Too Sweet

Breed stereotypes are all too real--especially when it comes to Pit Bulls--so we love a precious video like this that helps debunk the myths about these dogs. In truth, they can be the biggest love bugs! Bamse is one Pittie boy who adores the foster puppies his mom takes in, and it's just the sweetest thing. 

For foster queen Dani, who goes by @danimal.kingdom on TikTok, Bamse is the best helper when welcoming any new pups to the pack. With cats and lizards around the home as well, he's had plenty of practice with socialization!

OMG, how sweet! We love this Pit's little love nibbles on the puppies. It may not be a super well-known canine behavior, but you can rest assured that it's a positive one. 

"Awwww little love nubbing my bulldog does the love nubs when he’s like super duper happy," shared commenter @jackiemiller111. "That’s so awesome." Isn't it? Not every pup would be so patient and welcoming to so many foster pups, but this guy has no problem sharing the attention and spreading the love.

@Christinehouchens wrote, "awww he's cobbing them! This is a gesture caused by extreme happiness." OK--now that's the perfect name for this type of affection. It's like he's nibbling corn on the cob! @Morgieleborts added, "well he’s the father now," and we couldn't agree more. He'd be the best dad!

Viewers like @neelamxrose loved "the cat chillen" in the middle of that snuggle fest, but we didn't even notice the feline until someone pointed it out. Right when we thought this video couldn't get any cuter...there it goes!

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