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Pit Bull Gets Treated to a Hamburger After Volunteering at the Hospital and We're in Love

After a hard day's work, there's nothing like treating yourself to a good snack. Just ask Duke! This gorgeous blue Staffordshire Terrier got a taste of a hamburger--which seems like one of his favorite foods--after a shift volunteering at the hospital, and his TikTok fans are absolutely living for it. It's safe to say, he's earned it!

This smile-inducing moment was posted to @duke.thebluepit's account, and it's just as precious as it sounds. The pup is still dressed in his fancy collar and badge from his shift! The smile on his mama's face is infectious, too--there's just so much to love! 

Duke is so precious, but the way he devours that burger patty is just too funny! Even his eyes widen at the sight of that last piece. 

"That last huge piece he looked at you like 'this ok?' 😁," commented @road_9. So we weren't the only ones who noticed! To be fair, this pup's excitement isn't exactly subtle, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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"Aww. He just swallowed it whole like my dog 😁, @carlos28tx said. "Yall look amazing together ❤️." While we totally agree with the second statement, the first one gave us the giggles! We can relate 100% to having a vacuum for a dog, and we have a feeling we aren't the only ones.

Even so, this guy's burger enthusiasm is capturing hearts left and right. No wonder he has so many fans!  Viewer @anarchy0713 gushed, "THE BADGE WITH YIS PICTURE!! 🥺 My heart can’t handle it! 😭a 🍔 after work is always a good idea! Love you Duke." 

OMG, we didn't even notice the badge at first! That litte detail is so darn cute, and it's probably super helpful when he's visiting the hospital, too. Whoever took his picture was one lucky photographer! 

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