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Pit Bull's Over-the-Top Reaction to Being Sung 'Happy Birthday' Is Priceless

Birthdays are a fun occasion for everyone. It is a special day where people get to celebrate their loved ones and the birthday person gets showered with love and attention. One dog had an amazing birthday party recently, and everyone had a grand time in this video you don't want to miss.

TikTok user @turbopitty recently shared a video of their Pit Bull, Turbo, sitting at the head of the table in front of a personal birthday cake. In the video, the family is singing happy birthday to Turbo, and he is loving every second of it! Check out his reaction to all the festivities in the video below.

LOL, Turbo wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" to himself and gave the performance of a lifetime! He was definitely loving the celebration and having all of the attention on himself. This looks like Turbo had a great night with family and cake!

People in the comments were complimenting Turbo's singing skills. @jj56fg said, "Take notes Bieber, Turbo knows how it's done!" and @kathyoliver3 commented, "He’s a beautiful singer, LOL. What a sweet boy!" Turbo is a natural vocalist, he was hitting all the high notes!

Others were wishing the pup a very happy birthday. @elise____4 commented, "Happy birthday, Turbo! God bless you, handsome," and @andrewstraquadine said, "Happy birthday beautiful dog!" A boy as wonderful as Turbo deserves only the best for his birthday party!

We're very glad Turbo had fun at his birthday celebration! With how much he enjoyed this and his amazing singing skills, he should start booking performances at kids' parties to sing "Happy Birthday" to them. We know he would be a hit!

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