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Pit Bull Who Loves Being Held Like a Baby Is an Absolute Gift

Every dog parent knows our pups are our babies. In many instances, we treat them the same way we would treat a human child, with just as much love and compassion, and our pups love every minute of it. One dog even demands she be held the same way a baby would be held in a true display of mutual love between her and her momma

TikTok user @thebullybunchsd recently shared a video of her Pit Bull, Ruby, being held by her mom. In the video, Ruby is being cradled by her mom with her head resting on her mom's shoulder and resembles the way young children are held by their parents. Check out the precious video below to see this sweet pup melt into the comfort of her mom's embrace.

Awww, this is just so sweet! The caption on the video explains that shortly after the pups as adopted, Ruby's mom could tell she wanted to be held, so she picked her up, and Ruby decided this was her happy place. Much later, the found out that Ruby's previous owner held her in a very similar manner. How wonderful!

People in the comments loved how this mom noticed what her pup needed. @user1553124533762 said, "Bless you for listening to her. They have emotions beyond what some people can comprehend. Good for you for listening." Another user, @desertdog6969, commented, "Dogs are too good for us. What a good momma for noticing what she needed and giving it to her!" A mother always knows what her baby needs!

Others are thrilled that this sweet pup is getting the love she deserves. @cherryredhed commented, "So sweet! This is how all dogs should be held and loved," and @scmj2020 said, "This is so beautiful. She's so relaxed and happy." We are so happy for Ruby!

We just can't get enough of this video. Ruby looks so serene in the arms of her mom—nothing could disturb her peace in this moment! We hope all pups are able to experience this much love in their lives.

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