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Video of Pit Bull Kissing and Snuggling Toddler Is So Cute We Can't Even

In the early 1900s, pit bulls were known as the "Nanny Dog" because of their gentle and motherly demeanor toward young children. One pittie is displaying why this nickname was given in an adorable video that is sure to make you melt.

In a recent video going viral on TikTok, @downwiththegreens shares a clip of her daughter and rescue pit bull, Ollie, snuggling on the couch. Behind the camera, Momma instructs her daughter to give Ollie a kiss, but Ollie misinterprets her and takes it upon himself to plant a kiss on the little girl's cheek! Ollie then throws one paw over her shoulders and continues their snuggle-fest. Check out the video below to see why Ollie is big brother of the year!

OMG, Ollie is so sweet! When the little girl didn't give him a kiss, Ollie took matters into his own paws and gave her some lovin'.

The people in the comments of the video could not believe how precious these two were. @ccad7630 said, "That is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time," and @anxiousgaygirl commented, "This is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen." Literally nothing compares to the cuteness levels of these two!

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Others praised pit bulls for being such wonderful companions. @debix71 commented, "This is a wonderful example of a pit bull's true nature," and @angiswtv said, "So sad this breed is badly spoken about. I had a pit bull as a kid who was the same way with me. Would be in front of my door when I’d nap. Cute Moment!" Pit bulls are so misunderstood, but videos like this help people see the truth—pit bulls are loving family dogs! 

Good on Ollie for being such a great brother and helping to change the stigma around pitties!

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