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Pit Bull Who 'Has Better Manners Than Kids' Is Too Cute to Resist

Training dogs can be a tough task, but is it harder than training kids? One pit bull is proving that it isn't.

TikTok user @prettypittieindie recently shared a video of her pittie, Indie, entering her bedroom. This fur baby opened the door on her own and only fully entered the room when her momma said she could. Then, after entering the room, she closed the door just has her momma asked her to, and even went back to make sure the door was fully shut! Check out the video to see how this good girl followed her mom's instructions.

OMG, Indie is the most polite pup we've ever seen, and her pajamas are adorable! We are so impressed by her ability to listen to her mom's directions. She took a moment before closing the door to sniff the candle, but she was just admiring the scent. What kid ever listen to their parents as well as this pup?

People in the comments loved Indie. @mica.20000 said, "The way she peaked in to see if you were busy is just so cute," and @halloweenbae99 commented, "Oh my god I cannot handle this cuteness." It's truly so adorable to see how well Indie minds her manners.

Others joked they wanted their family to take some notes form Indie. @the.problematic.rat commented, "I need to teach my dad how to do this after he leaves my room," and @chiefs_kingdom.17 said, "She closes the door more than my family does." Maybe we need to sign our families up for obedience school so they can learn to be more like Indie!

We can all agree that some of our kids need to take a few lessons out of Indie's book. She always listens to her momma and never talks back. Such a sweetheart!