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Story of Woman Adopting Pit Bull Mix Who Nobody Wanted Is Everything

Our hearts always break for Pit Bulls. We don't understand why so many people label them as aggressive and mean. Under that hard shell of theirs, they're truly loving, sweet angels that deserve a forever home.

TikTok user @nicandtrix told the shelter she wanted to adopt a dog, but not just any dog. She was hoping to bring home the oldest dog the shelter had. The shelter had to make sure because as it turns out, this 8-year-old Pit Bull mix already went through three other families. That breaks our hearts, but luckily, the result is pure magic.

Ugh, the tears keep coming. Happy tears, though! This is such a beautiful and sweet story. We're beyond happy with the ending. You can just tell how this adoption was meant for them both. @ogstrawberry wrote, "You saved each other." Absolutely! 

"Her smile. She knows she's home," said @abelles2. She really does know and it's so sweet. After everything she's been through and the number of families that gave her false hope, she deserves this happiness. "Definitely your soul dog," commented @skd2015. YES! This owner is beaming with happiness too. They were absolutely meant for each other. 

Another TikTok user, @Apeyrat1017 wrote, "I can’t love this enough!! Bless you! She is perfect!" Right!? We love how she wanted the oldest dog in the shelter. She just knew the oldest needed the most love. Our hearts can't handle it!


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