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Pit Bull Mix's Concern Over Mom's New Rescued Foster Pup Is Touching Hearts

Bringing in a new animal to a family where a pet is already living can sometimes be difficult. You might not know how your current pet will react. There could be some jealousy and hatred or it could be a breeze with all love. Luckily it was the latter for this family who brought in a rescue. 

TikTok doggo @itsmelupo loves all dogs so it was never going to be a problem welcoming in a fur baby who was in desperate need of help. In fact, Lupo the Pit Bull mix was actually so concerned for the new doggo that was found abandoned at the park. He was crying nonstop in one of the videos and it is truly touching our hearts.  

Aww, we feel so bad for this pup that was abandoned, but luckily this woman found her. Plus, Lupo was there to look after her. So sweet! Lupo really wouldn't stop crying as the dog was brought to the vet. He just wanted to make sure the pup was alright. And then did you see him laying next to the crate?! It didn't take long for him to step right into the brother role. 

@spiritual033 said, "Awe sweet baby was so worried." How cute is that? He was worried over an animal he's never met. That just goes to show he has. a heart of gold! @Catmom2010 added, "Bless his little heart and thank you for saving the pup." Thank you will never be enough. It's amazing that this woman stopped and helped. 

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As much as this poor dog went through, we have a feeling she's doing just fine at her foster home. Check out the update! 

Aww! We love to see this rescue dog safe and sound with a loving foster family. Here's to finding a forever home! 

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