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Pit Bull Mix Protests Going Out in the Rain and We're Totally Feeling Him

Even if you're tired of the summer heat, that doesn't mean you're quite ready for the rain. At least this pup isn't, and we don't blame him one bit. This big Pit Bull's name is Meatball, but he's the mushiest baby we've ever seen. Not even his raincoat can keep him dry enough to endure the rain, and he's not afraid to let his mom know it. Sorry, @sarcasmspirit--Meatball says no this time!

Even though he's not having anything to do with the rain, he's looking mighty fashionable in his raincoat. We think it only adds to his cuteness, but did it help with the rain? The world may never know!

Oh, Meatball! It's just water, buddy! Still, we suppose we understand the inconvenience of rain. No one likes walking around with wet hair!

"I would Find a way to stop rain itself for this dog," commented @wxtchbxtch_420. So would we! Maybe if we get enough people to manifest a sunny day, we can change the weather just for Meatball. With his sweet, smooshy face and "the wittle raincoat 😭❤️❤️," like @_goth.mommyy__ adored, we're surprised he can't convince the weather to change all by himself. Cuteness like that must be divine!

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"My mans needs his hood on," suggested @colerbridge. We could see that! Meatball's mom loves that idea, too, but the pup isn't convinced. "He gets mad whenever I try to put it up and starts pawing at it," she responded. As cute as that sounds, we see why she lets him leave it off! Anything to keep him from hating the raincoat. Just take it from @soulsminions!

"Mine requires an umbrella and a spot where his paws won’t get wet or he will hold it," they shared. LOL! Honestly, though, so many pet parents can relate. The things we do for our dogs! 

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