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Pit Bull Mama Beams With Pride Over Her New Puppies in Precious Video

A family that fosters Pit Bulls in South Carolina recently picked up a new Pit Bull mama who has lived outside her whole life. Along with the sweet dog came her 13 adorable puppies. Yes, 13!  And now the family is documenting her progress with the babies on the TikTok account @pittiesfromheaven

The transition was a little tough at first for this mama. She was nervous and didn’t realize she was in a safe space with people to care for her and all her little babies. We can only imagine how stressful those first few days can be. But based on a recent clip, she seems like she is adjusting just fine! She’s finally inside, lying with all of her pit puppies as they get some much-needed rest. Her face says it all about how she’s feeling! Look how proud she is!

Aww, she is beaming with pride! And she looks so relaxed. It’s clear she knows that she’s safe at home now. 

“She’s smiling ❤️,” commented one user. Seriously, she’s grinning from ear to ear! “She is so proud of her babies! I love this❤️,” added @marley01018. That’s a sign of a good mama! 

"So sweet. Bravo to you for taking such great care of her and her babies," said @Diana Pajewski. It's such a big undertaking so hats off! The creator wrote in the comments, "It is a big undertaking, but we LOVE seeing them get happier and healthier every day!" Aww! Take a look at how they're feeling now. 

OMG, the babies are only 5 days old?! Thank goodness this creator took them in and is caring for all 13 pups and the mama. We can’t wait to watch them grow stronger each day!