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Mom Gets Booted to the Back Seat So Pit Bull Can Ride Shotgun with Dad

All dogs deserve to be spoiled by their families. Our pups should always be given the tastiest food, the most scratches, and the best seat. One man was spoiling his pup, just like he should be, and it resulted in a funny moment for Mom.

TikTok user @turbocoupegirl2.0t recently shared a video of their 8-year-old Pit Bull, Bella, riding in the car. In the video, Bella is shown riding shotgun while Dad drives and Mom is banished to the back seat! Check out the video to see Bella's reaction to winning the front seat over her mom.

OMG, this is too good! Bella was very pleased with herself for securing the best spot in the car, and she flaunted it in front of her mom by holding her dad's hand during the drive. Bella has her dad wrapped around her paw!

People in the comments thought the look Bella gave her mom is very funny. @angievalenzuela6520 said, 'Bella said, "Stay in coach ma'am...this first class,"' and @kristine123456789012 commented, "She looked at you like know your place!" Bella seems to know she is her dad's favorite!

Others scolded Mom for disturbing Bella and her dad during their bonding time. @laz39girl commented, "Bella and Daddy were having a moment, and you ruined it," and @bodega_vendetta said, "You interrupted their moment." Mom needs to learn to read the room!

We love that Bella's mom allowed this sweet girl to sit in the front seat and very graciously accepted her role as their third wheel. Any time spent with Bella, even from the back seat, is time well spent!

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