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Pit Bull's Sadness Over Not Getting to Go With 'Papa' Is Pitiful

We know that leaving our fur babies at home while we go to work or on a trip breaks them. Heck, it breaks us even more and we feel so guilty. If you're new to this, a word of advice is to not have anyone who watches your pet send you photos and videos. It will break you. 

And we bet that's how TikTok dog @honeyrosethepit's papa felt after watching this clip. This Pit Bull's mom decided to film the dog's reaction after the dad left. If we were him, we'd quit after seeing how much it breaks Honey. 

Oh no, no, no, no. We wouldn't let this slide in our family! If our dog was ever this sad, we'd force papa to turn around and take her with him. And it sounds like we're not the only ones who would do this. 

"You tell Papa to come back and get her RIGHT NOW!!!!" demanded @wilson_jr1985. That's right! No sad doggos on our watch! @kjboatner added, "Calling puppy protective services right now. Papa is in trouble." As he should be! The only thing he can do to make up for it is a whole day of snuggles. 

Another TikTok user, @aprilmostdays, wrote, "If the next video isn't papa coming back WE WILL RIOT!" Don't think that we won't! "Pitties are the sweetest, most dramatic dogs. I swear they are masters at pouting," said @reiziger_. HA! The creator called Pitties the CEOs of pouting and we believe that after this clip!


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