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Pit Bull Is Absolutely Terrified of Tiny Pomeranian Puppy in Hilarious Video

Introducing your pet to a new furry member of the family can go one of two ways. Either they're instant best friends, or jealousy unfolds from the older sibling, and harmony in the household gets thrown out the window. Such was the case for TikTok user @reliirelz, who introduced her Pit Bull to the family's new Pomeranian puppy.

The hilarious clip, which now has over 294.9K views and 48.2K likes, shows the Pit Bull running away from the little fluff-ball. The video says, "Our 1-year-old American Bully is scared of our new Pomeranian puppy. He wants nothing to do with him." The Pit refuses to look at the little pup, and now he won't even come inside. The poor fella is so terrified! 

We hate to laugh at how scared he is, but here we are! How can you not giggle at this big dog quickly running away from such a small dog?! Some TikTok users are coming to the Pit's defense and saying little dogs are always the meanest. @Mylo said, "Can’t blame him, those little things are scary lol 😂." At least he can outrun him!

And then did you see the look he gives his parents?! Ha! "The look of, 'are y'all going to do anything,'" wrote @Samuel Pangihutan. He just needed a little reassurance that everything would be alright! The best is how he wouldn't even acknowledge the little dog. Maybe he's manifesting that the pup will go away?! 

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Lostlove58 said, "He didn't ask for a sibling. Sending out I'm an only child vibes 😂." We understand that. Maybe one day, he'll come around? @Jodi MacGregor gives us hope and says, "Few months, they will be best friends." We're waiting to see that video, but from the looks of this video, it may take a little longer than that! 

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