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Story of Pit Bull Who Keeps Getting Overlooked at the Shelter After 2 Years Breaks Our Hearts

Across the United States, there is an abundance of dogs waiting to be adopted from shelters. These dogs deserve loving homes and spend too long languishing in shelters without a family. One amazing video is attempting to help one of these shelter dogs find a family after being continuously overlooked. 

Super Heroes Humane Society is a rescue organization in Oneonta, New York. They recently shared a video on their TikTok page, @superheroeshumanesociety, to show off a senior Pit Bull named Nick who has been in the shelter for two years. Check out the video to see this handsome fella and help Nick find his forever home!

Awww, our hearts are breaking for Nick! This Pit Bull seems like such a sweet, senior pup and would be the perfect companion for someone who lives alone or works as a truck driver. We are hopeful that Nick's perfect match will come along soon and take him away from the shelter!

People in the comments are wishing for Nick to find his forever home quickly. @toastyandme said, "Oh Nick, we’re rooting for you so hard," and @diana_creations20 commented, "I pray you find a home with a sweet human that will give you lots of unconditional love, you handsome boy." We hope Nick keeps faith that he will find his perfect owner and doesn't get discouraged!

Others are amazed at how endearing Nick is in this video. @whzkygirl commented, "Ohhh he’s handsome! I love older, big dogs!" and @jennadaviss1 said, "What a sweetheart!" We can't believe that Nick hasn't found his forever home yet because he is clearly such a lovable pup!

We are so sad that Nick has been without a comfortable and adoring home for so long, but we know the staff at the shelter has been keeping this sweet boy company. Nick is so sweet that when he finds his perfect match, Nick will have endless love to give this person! His future adopter will be lucky to have him.

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