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Video of Pit Bull Waiting to Show People His Favorite Stick Couldn't Be Sweeter

Dogs have the sweetest ways of asking for attention. Whether scooting closer for scratches or carrying over their favorite toy, they'll always find a way to catch your eye. Otto the Pit Bull is no exception. In the cutest TikTok clip, his mama--@lchevy6-- filmed him taking part in his favorite activity, showing off his favorite stick to everyone who walks by on the sidewalk. If you think that sounds cute, just wait until you see him! 

This happy boy cannot get enough of his beloved stick, but his over-the-top reaction to passersby is the sweetest. Pit Bulls may have a controversial reputation as a breed, but we think people would change their minds if they got to know more pups like Otto. He just wants to play!

We'd come to pet you Otto! We just can't resist that big smile and wagging tail, but, like some commenters, we also understand why neighbors may have said hi from a distance. 

"In general it’s a bad idea to approach & pet ANY dog unless a owner is around & says it ok," explained @sonicboom2222. "That might be it." Absolutely! Canine safety is an important practice for any person (especially children) who'd like to approach an animal without issue. 

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Fortunately, there are a lot of ways @lchevy6 can make the experience more welcoming for her hesitant neighbors. Commenter @toady734 suggested, "maybe put up a sign that he’s friendly & sit out there with him to ease the approach! I mean the wagging tail should be a clue! I’d be playing! 🥰🐶," We would, too! 

We seriously LOLed at one other user's comment, too. They said, "Omg you’d find me rolling around in your yard with him!!" Clearly we all need to go party with Otto if he already has this many fans! We'll bring the sticks!

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