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PIt Bull's Appropriate Reaction to Family Singing 'Happy Birthday' Can't Be Topped

Dogs are party animals. They always want to get in on whatever fun festivities are occurring, and they hate to be left out. One dog was thrilled to be included in the party plans, but he decided to make sure his contributions to the celebration did not go unnoticed.

TikTok user @turbopitty recently shared a video of their Pit Bull, Turbo, sitting on a bar stool at home. In the video, a group of people were singing "Happy Birthday" to Turbo's human brother while sitting around a pie on the kitchen counter. When this pup realized what was happening, he knew he had to start singing too. Check out the video to see Turbo belt out an incredible rendition of the birthday song.

LOL, this is too funny! Turbo was ready to start wailing and his vocal contribution did not disappoint. In fact, we've never heard a better version of the birthday song, and it's all due to Turbo.

People in the comments thought Turbo did an amazing job. @lilbootsoreo said, "Please do not take this personally, but this cute dog sang the best. Too cute!" and @singleandnotyours commented, "Turbo is the best singing buddy, happy birthday Tyler." Turbo needs to get booked on America's Got Talent with vocal talent like that!

Others thought it was so funny that Turbo took all the attention from his brother on his birthday. @blessedseventy commented, "Poor Tyler, the dog took all his shine," and said, "Turbo is that one sibling that always has to go above and beyond and outshine everyone." Turbo can't help that he was born to be a star!

We just love how Turbo sang his little heart out for his brother's birthday celebration. We hope Turbo's family sings just as hard for him when his birthday rolls around!