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Annoyed Pit Bull Throws the Cutest Temper Tantrum and TikTok Can't Get Enough

The 'bully' breeds have gotten a bad rap, but there's no reason to believe such misinformation. In reality, these dogs can be just as sweet and gentle as any other. Just take a look at @nicothebullyy--one of TikTok's cutest Pocket Bullies. 

This precious pup may not like getting his ears touched, but he's even nice about his annoyance! Nico's tantrum has his followers swooning with the cuteness, and we can't get enough.

LMAO! Nico is such a silly boy--no wonder his mama is laughing so much! Even the comment section is filled to the brim with compliments for the sweet dog. @Sannacastle0 wrote, "HES SO CUTE OMG," and we can't help but agree. From his big smile to his silly sounds, he's just perfect!

Commenter @bigjohnwastakaen thinks Nico "looks like an actual teddy," and now we totally see it. His big face is just so smoochable! We don't blame his mom for trying to touch his ears one bit.

"Question is this like a pocket bully or what I want one so bad and keep getting different info they are so cute🥺," said @j_hall03. He certainly is a Pocket Bully! This breed is a mix between an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Patterdale Terrier, but they still fall into the 'pit bull' category. They may be 'pocket'-sized, but they have personalities that are just as big. No wonder they're so loveable!

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