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Pit Bull's Hilarious Way of Asking for Ice Cream Is Too Cute to Resist

There are few forces on earth stronger than puppy dog eyes. When your pup looks at you with those big, pleading eyes, most dogs end up getting what they want. Some owners are strong enough to resist the pull of puppy dog eyes, and in these cases, their doggos have to resort to verbal pleas, just like this Pit Bull.

In @prettydeliciouslife's TikTok video, her husband is eating a pint of Cosmic Bliss peanut butter ice cream. Yum! When their Pittie, Julia, realizes what's happening, she makes a strong—and adorable—case as to why she deserves to have a few bites too.

Those sounds are just too funny! You can practically hear her say, "Please give me some dad! I'm a good girl, and I really want some!!" 

In an incredible show of will power, the Julia's dad resists the charm of dinosaur sounds and doesn't give her any ice cream in the video! Many people in the comments are shocked by his resolve. @love.jessicarose said, "Awwwww! There’s no way I could resist." Never fear readers, mom confirmed that this Pittie got her share of ice cream in the end. @deannageoffrion commented, "Awww I hope you shared after that," and Julia's mom replied, "She got a big ol bite after!" Thank goodness!

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For those of us who have pups that love ice cream, @dogmomofpfwoofville was kind enough to drop a recommendation in the comments: "Frosty paws is a dog ice cream and they have a peanut butter flavor. You can both enjoy your treat in peace." 

Sounds like this is perfect for Julia! She is going to need her own freezer to store all of her doggy ice cream in the future.

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