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Pit Bull's Hilarious Protest of Dad's Refusal to Take Him Outside Is Too Funny

Finn is a dog who knows what he wants... but who does not know what's good for him! It's a struggle many pet parents can relate to, whether the temptation is to steal some human food, to eat something that's, well... not food, or, in this case, to go outside when it's hot AF. 

Dog mom Ariel posted this adorable argument between Dad and dog on her TikTok account, @thenongenue. Since then, it's racked up over 2 million views! The app simply cannot get enough of this silly Pittie's protest, and neither can we. Just listen to the way he talks back! Oh, and Dad's reasoning and responses? Pure gold.

OMG, we are crazy for this duo's banter! Finn seemed super eager to make his argument, but his attitude is just too much. We're still laughing! We loved what @chewy commented on this video--"You have to admit, he made valid points back,"--and we must say, we agree. 

"As his lawyer, take him outside or else 😒," @haroldsuniverse. LOL! If they're the lawyer then we're the judge, and we rule that Finn must be taken outside the moment it reaches a safe temperature.

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@Tiedtoreality and other viewers (ourselves included) applaud this dog dad's "Gentle parenting 💛." Despite his buddy's protests, he was on point with his decision. We don't know how hot it was exactly, but if it's too warm for you, it's too warm for your pet! We loved @mp0606062006's comment that read, "My dog throws a TANTRUM and I’m like bro it’s 95 degrees out I’m just thinking of YOU." Exactly!

Aside from his smart decision-making, Finn's dad had some incredible responses to his dog's sass. "Bro, the check your tone was PERFECTION 😂," noted @gemthestone. Wasn't it?! Clearly, this isn't the first time these two have had this conversation. Odds are, it won't be the last, either!

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