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Pit Bull's Reaction Over Not Being Able to See His Puppies Is Downright Pitiful

Even though mom dogs are the ones who wind up being with their puppies most of the time after birth, that doesn't mean dad isn't proud of them, too! One Pit Bull couldn't have been more disappointed after he couldn't get into the crate to visit his new puppies.

The video of the sad pup was shared on TikTok by @roddy_rodd89, and it's captioned with, "My man just wanted to see his kids." As the clip starts, you'll hear the dog's owner say, "OG? You really want to see your kids, don't you?" And then he follows with, "Your baby mama ain't letting you in there." Watch the pitiful reaction on the dog's face.

This poor proud papa! All he wants is to get close to his brand new babies. But honestly, it doesn't really look like the mama pup is the problem. It's the human sitting inside the crate with her! As @Kelsey Shapiro pointed out, "He said, 'nah, YOUR baby mama ain't letting me in there!' 😂" Another commenter, @saucysquanchy76 proclaimed, "Let the man see his kids 😭." @MrsG added, "Time to pay child support and get visitation orders 😂." And @Cellus had the same thought, saying, "She ain't going to let him see them until he pay child support 😂."

Aww. This sweet guy deserves to get up close and personal with his pups just as much as the mama dog does. Fingers crossed that his human dad posts a follow-up video where we can finally see him in action with his precious new kiddos!

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