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Pit Bull Tries a Hoodie for the First Time and We're Cracking Up

If you're still in need of your daily dose of cute, look no further! Lincoln the American Bully is dazzling his fans yet again with a hilarious reaction to his new sweatshirt, and we are positively living for it. Not only is he fashionable AF (despite a love-hate relationship with wearing clothes), but he has the personality of a supermodel, too.

He and his Pit Bull brother, Noah, are the stars of their appropriately-named TikTok channel, @noah_and_lincoln. As you'll see from his hilarious video clip, there's always something entertaining going on with these two.

OMG, Lincoln! There's no denying how cute he looks in that hoodie, but there's also no denying how much he dislikes it. Still, he's got to start somewhere if he's going to get used to it eventually! 

We agree wholeheartedly with @michelle_n_lady who said, "Lincoln is the best." Well yeah--he's the silliest boy! We love that he's gentle enough to let his paw-rents put a sweatshirt on him even though it's not his favorite. We're sure he got tons of treats for being a good sport! 

@Glorvaz71 was right when she wrote, "he’s such a smart boy!!!" Lincoln figured out how to get the hoodie out of his eyes all on his own! It may seem like a trivial thing to know how to do, but it's always so fascinating to see a pet's mind at work--don't you think? Just like @pledgeallegience2dw said: "work smarter, not harder." Exactly!

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