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Video of Pit Bulls Enjoying Family Time With Their Puppies Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

It's never too early to get the family together and take photos for the annual Christmas card. Seems like this family of Pit Bulls are way ahead of the game. They're snuggling together and posing for the camera. Any chance we can preorder five cards?! The family is too cute we're going to need more than one! 

TikTok user @Roddy_Rodd89 shared a clip of his Pit Bull family all snuggling together and enjoying Sunday family time. He joked he was intruding on their family bonding moment. The mom and dad Pit Bull are snuggling with all their baby puppies. And to say it's adorable is not doing it justice! 

We think @Mike C. summed up the photo best. He said, "They all together like they about to take a JC Penny family photo." Or better yet, how do we get that job of photographing adorable dogs all day long?! 

TikTok users are commenting on how the dad looks like he was forced to come to the family Sunday outing. Ha! "He got the look of, 'I'm here so I don't get fined'😂," wrote @SlickStyleCarClub. "He's like 'And you gotta come and mess it up😒'🤣," said @Marina. The creator responded saying "😂😂 Per usual." @Hasielitoo added, "He said he ain’t got no money for pup support 😂."

Don't worry, dad secretly loves it! Just check out the most recent video of them all together. 

OMG. His head on the mom's head! So cute!! We love this family and we hope to get more family photos as the pups grow up! So please @Roddy_Rodd89, intrude some more so we can keep up with the fam!