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Sweet Video of Pit Bull Getting Changed Into His 'Jammies' Is Going Viral

One thing that will never get old is animals wearing clothes. We love seeing them all dressed up like humans because they look a little bit silly but very cute. Not every animal is enthusiastic about wearing clothes, but one dog clearly enjoys it based on his adorable reaction to his owner dressing him.

TikTok user @knight_thepit recently shared a video of her Pit Bull, Knight, putting on his pajamas for bed time. In the video, Knight sits very still like a good boy while Mom pets him and puts his night shirt on. Check out the video to see this good boy get ready for bed with the help of his mom.

OMG, this video is so sweet! Knight looks so adorable in his jammies, and based on his little lip smacks, he seems to be enjoying his massage. We wish someone would do this for us before bed! Knight is one content pup.

People in the comments were very impressed with Knight's natural canine beauty! @kkcarrotcake93 said, "The coat is so soft and shiny! I can feel it from here!" and @tsiey_ commented, "This is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen." This pup needs to share his fur care products so we can start using them on our dogs!

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Others observed that this Pittie looks very relaxed. @lovesg60 commented, "Daily massages rock. Look at that joy!" and @besitos4mybf said, "The lip smacking, thats how you know he's enjoying it." We love when dog owners take the time to pamper their pets just like Knight's mom is pampering him!

Knight looks adorable while getting dressed for bed, and we're sure he's very thankful for his wonderful mom who gives him these lovely chest and shoulder rubs before bed. Every dog deserves the top-notch treatment Knight gets!

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