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Pit Bulls' Sweet Reactions to Getting 'Krispy Kreme' Donuts Make Us So Happy

Everyone needs a sweet treat every now and again--even our furry friends! That's probably why so many TikTok viewers can relate to @zoezoeandraerae's recent viral video where her two Pit Bulls chow down on doggy donuts, courtesy of Krispy Kreme. 

Nope, you're not dreaming! Though many ingredients in human desserts are not safe for pets to eat, the donut experts at Krispy Kreme are offering canine-safe confections for a limited time. So don't wait to look at your local store!

Do you think your pup will enjoy these dog donuts as much as Zoe and Jeezy?

OMG! Aren't the little donuts so cute? Even if they taste like the dog treats we are, pet owners like us can at least enjoy the classic colors and designs they come in. Besides, if we're making a donut run for our dog, we're getting some for ourselves, too!

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"Running to get my dogs donuts from Krispy kreme🥰😂," said @normalvaldez1313. Same! Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised to see Krispy Kreme's lines getting super long from this product alone; but, according to the comments, not all locations even offer this doggie delicacy. @skwhylar shared, "tell me why i went a few days ago and they had none😭." Oh no! That's super disappointing, but it never hurts to check first!

"I wonder what Starbucks Has to say about this 😂🥰," joked @nolabrat.504. Really, though! It wouldn't be that surprising to see a competing product at other donut or coffee shops, and you won't hear any complaining from us!

Commenter @kenziemaack is a true hero, asking the questions we all have. "Hi, how did their stomach react to this? 👀🥰," she wrote.

"Hi! it was fine!" replied @zoezoeandraerae, "but they only had two each. one each day so it probably wasn’t enough to even make them sick. but these are safe to give dogs!" We have no doubt that Krispy Kreme researched the ingredients extensively before making this product, so your dog can have all the yum with none of the worries!

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