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Video of Pit Bulls Affectionately Cuddling Little Girl Gives Us All the Feels

Pit Bulls always seem to get a bad reputation for being an aggressive dog breed. We don't know how though, especially after watching this TikTok from @grandtetonbullies. It's clear to us that these four-legged cuties only want some loving and snuggles from anyone, no matter how big or small. 

The Pit Bulls of this TikTok family seek their love and snuggles from the little daughter. There must be something about this girl that makes the pups flock to her because this video is just 1 of 10 million, as the caption says. In this particular clip, the little girl was trying to watch her iPad, minding her own business. But that proved to be a little difficult with the dogs all up in her space. They went to her for the most affectionately cuddle session we’ve ever seen! 

AWW! She didn’t even seem to mind they were all in her business. It’s like they’ve done this before! “The fact that she just deals with it… adorable 😍,” said @samanthaathejapp. She might be slightly annoyed, but she loves them too much to tell them to get off! 

TikTok users aren’t only obsessed with how cute this video is, they’re in love with this bond the girl has with the dogs. You know she’ll have them as protectors forever. @threezsmama was saying straight-up facts. She commented, “Most protected little girl in the world!” Other little kids have dogs to protect them, but this girl has three that are apparently attached to her hip! @multiplex360 added, “And you just know, those dogs would defend that little girl with their lives.”

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After looking at this TikTok profile, this snuggling between her and the dogs is definitely a constant thing. These doggos are by her side 24/7! And maybe a little too much...

“This must be one of those vicious attacks I keep hearing about! Look out, kid! 😂,” wrote @Kaylee Behling. HA! Vicious snuggle attacks of course! It all makes sense now! 

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