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Video of Pit Bulls Enjoying a Good Sunbathing Session Is Going Viral

Summer is undoubtedly time for a little rest and relaxation. But who would've thought that our pets need a little time off too? Well according to a video of two adorable Pit Bulls on TikTok, it appears that dogs also look forward to unwinding too. And now people are cracking up over how the pups decided to make the most of their summer. 

You might think your dogs have personality, but @jennywalker_'s two pups are pure ham. The TikTok creator just happened to walk out on her dogs doing what is assuredly their favorite summer activity — laying out in the sun. "These two and their sunbathing...," the TikToker joked in the caption. Just take a look at the full-body sprawl these two are doing in front of their mama. All the better to get those rays in, we think.

Over 4.5 million people have watched the Pit Bulls having their moment in the sun. And some people couldn't help but crack a few jokes. "Land seals! I have one of those!!" @megaphone_8_7 wrote. "Remember to flip every 20 minutes for even 'cooking,'" @sdsstargazer teased. "Have you tried unplugging them for 10 seconds?" @lex.mayberry quipped. "Ohhhh, you got the solar powered option. Pretty cool," @bear_rob87 joked. 

While other people chalked the behavior up to just being typical Pit Bull things. "Pitties are on a whole other level of cutie pie," @thisonetimeirl mused. "I swear all Pits do this. They should be called Sun Pits," @ashley_ann_19872 added. "It's a Pittie thing!! My red nose does the same," @mommaof1plus2 wrote.

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Although one commenter asked the one thing we're left wondering: "Do they have dog sunscreen?" @bloodybull6 asked. 

Gotta keep the Pitties protected.

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