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Pit Bull Lounges With the Cats on the Cat Tree Like It's NBD

Here we go again with animals and their "if I fits, I sits" mentality. Luna, this big beautiful Pit Bull, decided her cat housemates don't deserve the comfiest spot in the house and has claimed the highest perch as her own. The only question is, how exactly did she get up there?

Just wait until you see how comfy this baby looks with her feline friends, this video is just too funny. 

We don't think she could look any more comfortable. This video that @HeymynameisLuna posted on TikTok is going super viral with over 13 million views. @PamelaDizuria posts, "Luna identifies as a cat now."  @Lizoulizou speaks for Luna typing, "How did I get up there, like I wasn't a wolf once. Please lower your voice I'm trying to nap dad!" Awwww, LOL. Luna does look pretty relaxed up there. @Kimberlyplant25 says "That must be some super strong cat tree." 

We just love how she's chilling with her tail on one cat and her paw on the other. She's even ignoring her dad like a cat would. Maybe she just have cat, half Pit Bull. Makes sense to us! 

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