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Dachshund Expects to Be Carried on Walks Like the Queen She Is and We're So Here for It

Remember, dog owners-- a pampered pet is a happy one. If you don't believe us, just ask Pizza the Dachshund queen. The tiny girl demands to be carried on "her" daily walks (her dad is doing most of the work if you ask us), and the results are priceless.

With a doting dad, a fur sister named Sizzle, and a perfectly-fitting TikTok handle like @pizzathequeen, this diva girl is pretty well of. It's like she was born to be an influencer! 

Aren't you just obsessed? We can't get enough of Queen Pizza and her high standards. She knows what she's worth! It doesn't surprise us at all that TikTok knows her worth, too--just look at all her adoring subjects in the comment section! 

"She trained you well, she trained you well! 🤣," wrote @dkjustforfun. "Love it!!! 💖🥰." Ha! There was definitely some training involved here, though we're sure it started innocently enough. Just like @bagelwithdox reminded us, "weenies we’re not made for walking." 

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Once you pick her up the first time, though, she'll start to expect it every time! Something tells us her dad has no problem with that, though. "I think daddy spoiled her 😂," @gls33123 agreed. You don't say! As if that wasn't funny enough, though, Pizza's dad's reply made us LOL: "Fake news!"

Hey--if the system works, it works. Who are we to upset Her Majesty? After all, this is the ultimate version of "Pizza takeaway" that we've ever seen. Hats off to @ninahgenug for that amazing quip!

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