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Video of Police Dog Being Thanked for Her Service Before Retiring Has Us in Tears

Ask anyone who's retired--the big day is oh-so-special! Even if the milestone comes alongside a lot of nerves and unknowns, it certainly is one worth celebrating. Just ask this precious Pit Bull girl! Tia the all-black Pittie spent many years serving her community, and she's more than earned her call to retire. 

The special moment was shared on @leetia86's TikTok account, and the app is loving it. Whether viewers feel a personal pull or just appreciate the work this brave dog has done, it speaks to almost everyone! Just take a scroll through the comments section. 

Good girl, Tia! Thank you for everything you've done for your fellow officers and for the community you served. Enjoy your retirement! 

Commenters had so many kind words to share, and we are loving all the positivity everyone has to share. "I love hearing these calls knowing they get to have a dog life after service!!" wrote @melissahughes87. "😭 What loyalty!" You totally said it--this girl is brave, hardworking, and loyal to a T; her retirement better be filled with tons of treats and squeaky toys.

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"WHY AM I BAWLING ??? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤," asked @sharonkeery. IDK, but same! Actually, there are a crazy amount of similar comments, so we think it's safe to say this clip brought up a lot of feelings for a lot of folks. Could we go as far as to call it a tearjerker?

@Leeandtia popped back into the comments to say, "Not all heroes walk on two legs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤," and we couldn't agree more. We think this girl certainly makes the cut! 

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