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K-9 Police Dog Throws a Fit Because Dad Won't Let Him Lie Down With the Baby

It's no big secret that K-9 dogs, or police dogs, are smart, loyal, obedient, and protective. But one particular K-9 is apparently taking the protective thing to the next level, as he wants to get up close and personal with the family's newborn baby! 

A video of the frustrated pup was shared on TikTok by @patrolman317, and it's so cute, we can't even stand it. The text on the video reads, "When you won't let your police K-9 lay down beside your 7-day-old baby." The dog is clearly heartbroken, and he's so upset that he's throwing a fit, just like a kid not getting their way. 

What a sweetheart! The way he went and pouted in his bed when dad told him to go lay down was just too precious. Poor boy just wants to be near his new little sibling! Commenters are totally sympathizing with the disappointed pup. @Jody Staples said, "I’m pretty sure he said, 'It’s my baby too!' before he laid down 🤣🐾💙." @JessicaJoBoerma added, "He said,'What did you hire me for then?!'" Another commenter, @Arline Ogle noted, "He definitely doesn’t agree with this nonsense 🥰. Must protect baby!"

@Natalie Simmons wins for the best comment, though, saying, "The equivalent to a kid silently screaming in their bedroom after getting yelled at by their parents 😂." HA! So true!

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Hopefully, this sweet guy's dad will let him get a little closer to the baby in a few more weeks, once the tot is out of the newborn stage. We think a follow-up video of the two of them is definitely in order!

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