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Video of Parrot Getting the First Bath She's Had in Years Is Hard to Resist

Did you know that parrots have some extremely high lifespans? Most people don't. According to Fetch by WebMD, some Amazons, Cockatoos, and Macaws have been known to live 60 years or longer. So it's pretty understandable that people were amazed by one woman on TikTok, who shared video of 50-year-old Polly getting a bath. Amazing!

It's not just Polly's age that makes the footage so mesmerizing. It's the fact @theparrotlady and a male partner were so gentle as they gave her a bath. "Ms. Polly got her first bath in many years," the video's onscreen text reads. "She was very trusting," it states. Not only does Polly seem completely at ease with having humans give her a little luxury spa time, but you can really see her enjoying the water. See for yourself! 

 People in the comments section were so happy on Polly's behalf. "I bet that felt so good for her, she's precious," @smithtoadnfrog10 wrote. "Awww…the sweet sounds," @coffeesmylife gushed. "She’s 50?" @notyourregularemma wrote in disbelief. "You are so great with her."

Later in the thread, someone asked how @theparrotlady knew Polly's age. "Polly had the same family for her entire life," she responded. "That’s how we know. And they loved her veryyyy much."

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The TikTok creator also explained that she was washing Polly so thoroughly in the footage because "Polly had a film of old dust and oil I had to get off from not having a bath in so long. In the future, she will be like my other birds who play in the water and get misted when they want," she added. 

We bet Polly felt so good after her bath. It always feels good to be squeaky clean.

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