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Tiny Pomeranian Fights Mom for a Baguette in Paris in Must-See Video

TikTok user @mylilfloofy was out enjoying the day in Paris with her Pomeranian named Gnocchi. And when in France, you do like the French. So she had to enjoy a delicious baguette in Paris. Duh! But she wasn't the only one getting in on the carb-loaded deliciousness of French bread.  

In one of her more recent clips, this TikToker explained how she shared some of the baguette with Gnocchi. It was Gnocchi's first-ever taste of baguette. As we all know, one taste is never enough. And Gnocchi made it very known she wanted more. You have to watch what this dog does as this TikToker tries to take back the baguette. It's cracking us up! 

LOL! This is hilarious, amazing and so relatable! A perfect video that we can't get enough of. Why? Because well,  who can resist the deliciousness of French bread? It's clearly a bread worth fighting for as one piece is truly never enough! And as @ngbee0 said, "Never get between a girl and her carbs." Ain't that the truth! 

"Gnocchi knows what's good," wrote @oatflatwhite. She has impeccable taste. Is that why she's named after a carb-loaded dish? LOL! "Honestly, I'd fight someone for bread," said @hiimsosmol. HA! You have to look out for yourself and get the last piece of bread on the table. 

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Another TikTok user, @lili_nicole_, had something similar happen. The comment reads, "A dog saw me eating a baguette on the street in Paris and he literally refused to continue his walk until I gave him a piece of it (with permission!)." Guess it's true what they say, dogs are definitely spoiled in Paris! And maybe they're so well behaved because they know what delicious food is at stake. LOL! 

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