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Video of Pomeranian Hopping Into a ‘Birkin’ Bag Has People Obsessed

Some dogs just like the finer things in life. But probably no dog is living the good life quite like a Pomeranian on TikTok, who raised eyebrows after she hopped into a pricey handbag without a second thought. 

According to a video on TikTok creator Ally Shapiro's page @allyshaps, it all went down while her mom was doing an interview. Did we mention that her mom is Real Housewives of New York alum Jill Zarin? In the footage, Shapiro's dog Bossi was clearly unfazed by Zarin's Birkin Bag (i.e. a bag that can be worth thousands of dollars) and hopped right in when Zarin placed it on the ground. 

The internet went bananas over Bossi's big leap. The footage has been watched over 580,000 times. And yes — people were besides themselves.  "That’s the only way to use a Birkin correctly," @thejessadams joked. "$15,000 bag I’m pretty sure!! Wow so beautiful!!" @chrisstl34 added. "She’s an Olympian," @katie_belle223 teased. "She looks so proud to be in the bag," @kathy927_ wrote. 

Now, some people might not want their dog to hanging out in their very expensive hand bag, but in this case the results are absolutely *chef's kiss*. "Watch my Pomeranian jump in a Birkin at the Betches office!!" she wrote in the video's caption.

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In another video on Shapiro's page, Bossi was again getting VIP treatment as she was nestled in her mom's bag while shopping. "The look she gives when her mommy comes," Shapiro wrote in the video's caption. 

We guess there's a good reason why they call her the boss. 

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