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Video of Tiny Pomeranian Chasing Off a Bear From Colorado Home Is Something Else

Tiny Dog Syndrome is all too real. Because of their small size (and huge confidence), many ankle biters push their boundaries every day. Some don't even know just how tiny they are! 

Luna the Pomeranian is one of these dogs. If you're familiar with this feisty breed you may not be so surprised, but even Luna's family was shocked to see her chase down a bear. Yep--a fully grown, adult bear.

At first, it was just another middle-of-the-night potty break for the pup and her human's mom, but when the dog ran off barking, her family started getting suspicious. Surveillance footage from their neighbor's house had the full story on film, but nothing could have prepared them for this. 

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OMG, Luna! We don't know whether this pup is incredibly brave, very impulsive, or both. What in the world was going through her little mind when she decided to pursue the bear

"Luna went racing off, barking, and my mom didn’t know what she was barking at," Jordan told FOX31 Denver. “It was just comical, seeing this little doggy chasing after a full-sized bear." Comical?! If that were our dog we would be terrified as it happened! If they didn't know it was a bear until after Luna was home safe and sound, though--okay, that would be pretty funny!

Still, commenters can't help but be concerned about this brave little pup. Just ask YouTube user PoM MoM. 

"Luna is lucky lil girl," she wrote. "You should ALWAYS use a leash, really no excuse not to. You need to protect her from doing this again. Glad she is ok!" We're so relieved that she's okay, too, but it definitely has us thinking twice about letting our fur babies outside at night! Even pups like Luna, who's "protective of her family," need to be careful sometimes. You never know what might be outside!

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