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Pomeranian 'Goes Through Every Emotion' in the Drive-Thru Line in Priceless Video

When it's time to eat, you better be careful that the hanger doesn't take over--just ask this spicy little Pomeranian! Her mama, who shares life with her pup on her account @lola_thepom, posted the most accurate video about her dog's major mood swings while in the Chik-fil-A drive-through line, and we can't get enough. Clearly, neither can the rest of TikTok!

Though the video starts innocently enough, Lola's hunger gets the best of her before long. If we're being totally honest, though, it's relatable AF!

LMAO! Oh, Lola...we get it, girl. Those fries and nuggies can't wait one more minute! Commenter @miss_melyss said what we're all thinking: "I mean same, honestly," and now we don't feel so alone. At least we aren't the only ones causing drama in the name of lunch! 

"She’s so cute," wrote @angelamarie_xx. "My Pom loves Chik-fil-A too!" That's just adorable. It's always special to be able to bring your furry friend along when you're running errands or picking up something to eat, but they'll love it even more when they get a snack out of the trip, too. Lola is proof! 

"I have a little female pom named Bianca and she knows what it means to go through drive-thrus," dog dad @doomhamstar agreed. "She loses her mind like a crack addict." OMG! We totally get what you mean, though--it's hard not to get excited over good food. Whether it's Chick-fil-A fries for Lola or a meal for ourselves...our mouths are already watering!