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Pomeranian Who Loves the Rain Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Summer

Trying to get our dogs to go to the bathroom when it's raining outside is a nightmare. They'll do anything to keep us from forcing them outside - lying down, hiding or standing their ground so strongly that we can't get them to move. And forget it if there's any sound of thunder because then there's absolutely no way they'll move. We wish every dog could embrace the rain like this three-month-old Pomeranian. 

In a recent video, TikTok pup @felixthepommy couldn't get enough of the rain on his fur. He went sprinting out into the yard as soon as he felt a few of the raindrops. Watch what he does as he's running around. He's a whole mood and the perfect reminder to us all. Enjoy Mother Earth and appreciate the little things!  

Stop it! We can't handle this cuteness! Not only was Felix running through the rain, but he was also jumping with happiness! It even looked like he was making a game out of it, catching as many raindrops as possible. We've never seen anyone or anything so excited to be in the rain. Maybe we have to try dancing in the rain too! 

"Awe are so cute...Dancing in the rain is fun!!! 😁," commented @Miss Minnie The Chiwinnie. We're definitely not the first ones to be dancing in the rain, but thanks to Felix we're going to be out there immediately the next time! "He's like, 'Isn't it great to be alive mom!' 😂," wrote @Crystal Fannin. That's the positive outlook we all need in life! 

"This is the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life," said @amandalf.the.grey. Right?! And it's the best rain dance we've ever seen! We're jotting down notes as we speak. Now if only it was this simple for our dogs. As @AnimeFan wrote, "This could not be further from how my dogs react to rain 😂." LOL! Ain't that the truth! But hopefully showing our dogs this video will change their minds.