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Pomeranian's Mullet Haircut Has People Totally in Awe

Sometimes you just need to shake things up. Get a fresh start and change up your look. Although we're pretty sure that no one could've predicted the haircut that one Pomeranian on TikTok received. And his fancy new haircut has everyone online talking.

Dancer walked into the dog groomer's the typical Pomeranian, but left a superstar. As can be seen on Zaira Michell's (@zaira_michell) page, the dog's groomer meant business when she gave him his cut. "Today this Pomeranian is getting their mullet back," the video's onscreen caption reads. There's something so soothing about watching the pup's fur fly. And you just have to see the end result.

It seems like he loves it too! "Dancer is the cutest!" the video's caption reads. 

The video has been watched over 1 million times and people in the comments section were cracking up. "I was so invested in this mullet," @pamelawia wrote. "What baseball players look like," @kitler_04 joked, before adding the crying-laughing emoji. "I did this to my Yorkie and we keep calling him Joe Dirt," @mandarz221 shared. "Thank goodness my dog is short haired because there’s absolutely no way she’d be this good! Too cute!" @thedebbietolbert quipped. 

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Later in the thread, Michell explained that usually Pomeranian's shouldn't be shaved "but it was the owners request."

"We always warn the client that it may not grow back, or it could grow back in patches, or grow back very corse and all other after effects," she explained.

So if you're thinking about getting your dog a brand new haircut, always check in and make sure it's the right cut for them.

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