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Pomeranian's Stunned Reaction to Being Caught Stealing Food Is Absolutely Classic

LOL. Isn't it great when dogs think they're being sneaky? They just can't resist trying to pull a fast one on their owners, especially when it comes to stealing food. One little Pomeranian definitely thought he'd outwitted his mom after snatching a packet of breadcrumbs from the kitchen pantry.

The video of the pup's stealthy attempt was shared on TikTok by @alexandracooleysa, and trust us, it's impossible not to laugh out at the clip. It starts with mom coming around the corner to find the dog in another room of the house, sniffing at the little package. The look on his face when she says, "What-cha doin'?" is absolutely priceless.

Can't. Stop. Laughing! OMG. He just stood there, completely stunned, panicked, and unsure of what to do next. Commenters are having a field day with this funny pup's thievery. A TikTok user named Jolene declared, "That is the most flabbergasted little dog I’ve ever seen 😅." Another commenter, @Juliette Dann noted, "The way he stands there waiting for the next thought to turn up 🥰." 

And @Mia Hanson couldn't resist saying, "I don’t want to alarm you, but I think there is a tiny human inside your dog." Haha! His reaction really does seem human-like, doesn't it? @Bananaramamapie said what we're all thinking: "That face after you took it! And the realization there was no chance he was getting it back 😳. He has such a cute baby bear face!"

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But by far, the award for the winning comment goes to @yeascience, who pointed out, "He looks like Ozzy (Osborne) when Sharon asks him something." LMAO.

Seriously, we could watch this video on repeat over and over and it would never get old. What an incredible, comical little pup! 

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